Understanding Commercial property Valuation Course

Training Course

Live online £995 plus VAT – payment plan available

12 hours CPD

Kate Taylor FRICS – Art
Maria Wiedner MRICS CFA – Science

The art and science of Commercial Property Valuation in a course of two aspects.


  • This course will cover the art and science of commercial property valuation, from information gathering, the due diligence process, the core valuation methods used for commercial property, and how to create simple valuation models for commercial property using Microsoft Excel as a calculation tool. 
  • This course is designed to give delegates the background, methodology and practical tools to understand and produce commercial property valuations.
  • We will cover the main purposes, bases and methods for commercial real estate valuation, culminating in producing a valuation using Excel as a calculation tool. By the end of the course, delegates will be able to confidently use spreadsheets to assert market values, while at the same time following best practices in spreadsheet modelling and valuation methodology Commercial real estate valuation is a skillset that is always in demand. Many valuers lack the technical abilities to produce these on a spreadsheet, instead heavily relying on third-party, black box software to produce values.
  • The Commercial Property Valuation in Excel course will provide the participants a very valuable skillset, a pre-requisite for many commercial property valuation jobs. Strong valuation knowledge coupled with technology expertise is now a requirement for the successful valuation surveyor.

    The benefits of using Excel is allowing valuers to create a more transparent valuation tool, understand the workings behind the calculations and as such, feel more confident with their valuation output.


  • 5 sessions – 9 am to 1pm – 19-23 October 2020
  • 5 sessions – 9 am to 1pm – 17-11 December 2020
  • Presented via zoom by Kate Taylor FRICS & Maria Wiedner MRICS CFA MPhil (Cantab)
  • Two different aspects and two different teaching styles to give you all the benefit

  • I’ve had the privilege of being taught by Kate for a number of my APC competencies now. She is very eloquent in her teaching, simplifying complex theories/ideas to make learning simpler and less stressful! I look forward to working with her further.

    Anonymous CBRE 2020

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