Residential Revision Guide

Residential revision guide and Crib Book

The must know basic principles as a starting point for APC revision.

Now in it’s 3rd edition

This Revision Guide is aimed at candidates undergoing RICS assessment of professional competence on residential pathway (or a pathway that includes the competencies covered in the book from a residential perspective).
This might include valuation, planning and development and rural.

£175 including full colour crib book of mind maps

  • What is the Quick Start Revision Guide?
    This A4 book covers the residential pathway competencies and references RICS guidance, law and techniques. Combining the contents of the book and your own experience will give you a solid grounding for assessment.
  • What are the contents and page numbers?
    1. Final Submission 8
    2. Rules, Ethics and Professional Practice 14
    3. Inspection 26
    4. Valuation 42
    5. Measurement 74
    6. Property Records 88
    7. Building Pathology 92
    8. Conflict Avoidance 106
    9. Landlord and Tenant 117
    10. Leasing and Letting 130
    11. Property Management 140
    12. Purchase and Sale 156
    13. Development Appraisals 166
    14. Housing Maintenance, Repairs and Improvement 174
    15. Loan Security Valuation 187
  • What is the format?
    Each competency is laid out in its own chapter. Within this chapter, there is a table setting out the key point, RICS document, law or issue and what you need to take into consideration. This offers a quick and efficient way to take in bite size bits of crucial information.
    There are also example questions for each competency and diagrams of key learning points attached as a summary. Each chapter has an example summary of experience in a best practice format for level 1, 2 and 3.
    The main Revision Guide is a professionally published (with ISBN) soft back glue bound book.
    Crib Book
    The revision guide now comes with a crib book, full of mind maps in full colour to help you make the connections and to assist your retention of the facts. The crib book also includes revision mind maps for ALL mandatory competencies. This includes the new 2018 competency – inclusive environments.
  • How big is it?
    The 2020 edition Revision Guide is the biggest yet 200 pages – offering additional new competencies to the guide such as loan security valuation. It is deliberately focused on key points to aid revision, not to overwhelm with non-vital information. The aim is to learn ALL of it, understanding the background context and do the suggested supplementary reading for context.
    The Crib Book is A4 colour and staple bound.
  • Feedback?
    “The revision guide was absolutely invaluable in terms of summarising the knowledge required for L1. The clear presentation, and in particular having the competency requirements divided into key learning points was very helpful when planning revision. I can honestly say that without this revision guide I don’t think I would have passed. Well worth the cost. I recommend this guide.”
    M Ventham MRICS
  • Is it up to date?
    The 2020 version is up to date as at March 2020 including all relevant RICS guidance and standards.
  • Can I see a sample?
    Yes, I have attached part of valuation competency below.
  • How much does it cost?
    Price is £175 including mind map crib book and first class, signed for postage to mainland UK.
  • How do I get my hands on one?
    • If you decide this is for you then, hit the order button below.
    My assistant Holly – will send you an invoice.
    I will need a BACS direct payment into my account using your name as the reference and once payment is confirmed the guide will be posted to the delivery address you provide, first class, signed for.
    International delivery
    We can post outside the UK but postage is only included INSIDE UK and there will be an additional charge for the international postage (at cost).
    Please note the Revision Guide is black and white and the Crib Book is colour.

  • Kate is one of the most talented trainers for APC study any candidate could ask for. A bastion of RICS knowledge, infectious positivity and a genuine care for every single one of her candidates. Her training, advice and guide book was integral to me passing.

    Neil A Bear

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