Question Spotting

Question Spotting

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Practice makes perfect, rehearse with questions formulated from your submission by real assessors.


  • Provide focused revision to candidate based on their own competency evidence. This provides depth of preparation in targeted areas for the candidate.
  • Provide practice in the language and direction of questions unique to the candidate’s specific experience
  • This reduces anxiety and improves performance in the final assessment interview
  • Assessor will:

  • Read candidate’s final submission
  • Formulate questions as if preparing to assess
  • Provide a minimum of 200 questions split clearly into level and competency using a colour coded table. (NB the average interview has 80-100 questions so you get 2 virtual interviews)
  • Answers will NOT be provided (part of the revision is compiling the answers)</li
  • Any queries about questions asked will be answered
  • 1 week deadline
  • Candidates will:

  • Send complete final draft of final submission by email
  • Allow at least one week for completion of task
  • Send any queries resulting from mind maps
  • Practice with the questions, preferably out loud
  • Email us when you get your results 🙂

  • I’ve had the privilege of being taught by Kate for a number of my APC competencies now. She is very eloquent in her teaching, simplifying complex theories/ideas to make learning simpler and less stressful! I look forward to working with her further.

    Anonymous CBRE 2020

    Book Question Spotting.

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