Q & A Sessions

Question & Answer

£100 per hour session

Hone your skills, rehearse and raise queries with a real assessor.


  • Not ready for a full Mock Interview?
  • Practice Q&A on any competency of your choosing.
  • This reduces anxiety and improves performance in the final assessment interview
  • Process:

  • Book a slot
  • Select Competencies
  • Brief chat over any APC concerns you may have
  • Questions asked based on your experience
  • You answer questions
  • Feedback on technique and tips on assessor language.

  • I’ve had the privilege of being taught by Kate for a number of my APC competencies now. She is very eloquent in her teaching, simplifying complex theories/ideas to make learning simpler and less stressful! I look forward to working with her further.

    Anonymous CBRE 2020

    Book Question Spotting.

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