Commercial Revision Guide

New edition due out end January 2022

The must-know basic principles as a starting point for APC revision.

New edition on it’s way!

This Revision Guide is aimed at candidates undergoing RICS assessment of professional competence on commercial real estate pathway (or a pathway that includes the competencies covered in the book).

Our new edition (6th!) is due out late January and will be in full colour and incorporate the mind maps so one bumper book at a new price of £199. Follow the order button below and note that you wish to be added to the waiting list, I’ll let you know as soon as we receive the new edition, with no obligation to purchase.

We have a few copies of the 5th edition available at £175.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Quick Start Revision Guide?

A focused 198 page A4 printed paperback book for Commercial Real Estate Pathway and some other property pathways with competency crossover.

Briefly it includes:

  • competency revision points using concise table tables and some diagrams
  • top tips
  • potential pitfalls
  • hot topics
  • thinking points
  • common questions
  • example questions
  • example summary of experience for each competency
  • relevant property press articles published by Kate
  • colour mind map separate crib book

This is NOT an academic text book. It is a guide to a specific professional assessment that works like coaching.

  1. What is the contents page?
  1. Final submission
  2. Rules, Ethics and Professional Practice
  3. Sustainability
  4. Inspection
  5. Valuation
  6. Measurement
  7. Local taxation
  8. Data management
  9. Conflict Avoidance
  10. Landlord and Tenant
  11. Leasing and letting
  12. Property management
  13. Purchase and sale
  14. Development appraisals
  15. Loan security valuation
  1. What is the format?

There is a brief narrative introduction to the competency and then key information is tabulated along with the appropriate reference for quick revision. The RICS document or law is in the first column with the key learning points in bullet point format in the second column.

There are example questions for each competency.

There is an example summary of experience in each competency with best practice highlighted.

There are some articles to read previously published by the author in property press.

Crib Book

The revision guide now comes with a 96 page crib book, full of mind maps in full colour to help you make the connections and to assist your retention of the facts.

  1. How big is it?

The 2021 edition Revision Guide is bigger, 198 pages of A4 – soft cover glue bound paperback.

It is deliberately focused on key points.

The aim is to learn ALL of it and do the suggested supplementary reading for context.

  1. Feedback?

I have the following testimonials – (verbatim from Surveyors who used it to pass APC):

‘Your notes have been extremely helpful. I virtually learnt all..sic (the Quick Start Revision Guide), which made me more confident when I walked into that interview….you have been instrumental in achieving MRICS status and words cannot express the gratitude’.

R. Thakur MRICS

“The revision guide was absolutely invaluable in terms of summarising the knowledge required for L1. The clear presentation, and in particular having the competency requirements divided into key learning points was very helpful when planning revision.

 I can honestly say that without this revision guide I don’t think I would have passed.

Well worth the cost. I recommend this guide.”

 M Ventham MRICS

There are other testimonials dotted around my website.

  1. Is it up to date?

The 2021 version is up to date as at December 2020 inc all relevant RICS guidance and standards.

  1. Can I see a sample?

Yes, I have attached part of the Rules of Conduct, Ethics and Professional Practice competency as an appendix to this document.

  1. How much does it cost?
£175 including crib book
  1. How do I get my hands on one?
  • If you decide this is for you then, use
  • I will provide the account details and you provide the address for posting.
  • I will need a BACS direct payment into my account using your name as the reference and once payment is confirmed I will email you a receipt and post the book out first class the same day.
  • Free postage is only available in the UK. We may require extra postage cost for anyone outside UK.

10. Complaints policy

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the Revision Guide (it has only happened once in 7 years), please return it in suitable packaging and we will provide a full refund within 7 days of receipt.

11. Other relevant ApcTaylormade services:

Coaching is no longer available apart from:

Mock interview

  • 2 person mock interview with Danny Medcalf FRICS
  • Full mock with 30 minutes feedback via MS Teams.
  • £400

Kate Taylor FRICS

Sample chapter:

Kate is one of the most talented trainers for APC study any candidate could ask for. A bastion of RICS knowledge, infectious positivity and a genuine care for every single one of her candidates. Her training, advice and guide book was integral to me passing.

Neil A Bear

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